Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you are staying cozy and warm!  DAIKI has been a little quiet the last couple of months and my sincere apologies for those who have been waiting for new designs.  I spent majority of my energy and time on launching DAIKU website and packaging last year.  But after it launched, I started to put more time on my illustration/graphic design job (@leeay) a bit more again.  As I work on DAIKU by myself (for now anyways), sometimes it is hard to keep it up but I am thankful to have DAIKU supporters like you!  I hope to share more new designs in 2016…xoxo

それを取り戻すかのように、サイトアップ後はまたそちらに時間を費やした結果、DAIKUの活動があまりできないでいました。しかしDAIKUはマイペースながら本業との合間を見て、2016年必ず新しいデザインをみなさんにお届けします。みなさん良いお年を xoxo